Aechmea fendleri

Taxon # 40-72


Aechmea fendleri Aechmea fendleri Aechmea fendleri

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Aechmea fendleri is a blue flowered specie bromeliad from Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago. In comparing photos with the FCBS site it appears that I could probably grow this in a gentler, kinder way. My plants have been grown pretty hard - I did fertilize last year and they do get a some shade in the morning and evening. I get the impression this is a very forgiving bromeliad.

What is the native conditions of this epiphytic 'humid forest' bromeliad? Does it have a real dry/wet season like my bit of Florida. The range shown listed on the Aechmea ssp table appears to be quite variable.

Cheers, Greg - PSJPlants - Brevard County, FL (Space Coast)

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Last update 03/13/2012