Quesnelia marmorata

cv. 'Tim Plowman'

Quesnelia marmorata cv. 'Tim Plowman  Quesnelia marmorata cv. 'Tim Plowman Quesnelia marmorata cv. 'Tim Plowman

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Quesnelia marmorata cv. 'Tim Plowman' is going to be a challenging plant for me to grow well. There are many wonderful images of well grown clumps of this stoloniferous gray green beauty on the web. Perhaps if I keep it under the same growing conditions as my Q. liboniana it will be happy too.

Googling in 'Tim Plowman' produces an interesting read of the life of an accomplished and extraordinary man. Bravo Zulu on the naming of this beautiful clone.

\Cheers, Greg - PSJPlants - Brevard County, FL (Space Coast)

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Last update 05/03/2012